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    Miscellaneous Stuff

    Brian's Funny Win95 Error Generator: Use this error generator for Windows 95 to generate fake errormessages on your friends' computers. It'll drive them nuts.

    Popup Thesaurus for Word 97: Right-click any word in a Word 97 document and the handy Thesaurus Menu will appear with synonyms, antonyms, and word definitions. It will also allow you to check an entire selected phrase to ensure you're using a word correctly.


    Form to VB Export Wizard: This Access 97 add-in helps you translate an Access form to a Visual Basic 5 resource file (.frm), something Access cannot do by itself.

    Learn Visual Basic 5: This self-paced tutorial will help you learn the ins and outs of Visual Basic 5. Topics include event-driven programming, terms, and fundamentals of program design. The course includes more than 60 sample programs and applications to help you learn.

    Elephant Tracks: If you can remember the page but not the place, you're like almost everyone else on the Net. This unique application will help you track and index every Web site you've ever visited so you'll never again forget the place you saw that "new gizmo." To get back to a site, just type a word or two from the page you saw and Elephant Tracks will help you get there. You control how Elephant Tracks indexes sites and how long it keeps data in the index.

    File Extensions: Use this reference guide to determine which program created a specific file. It details more than 1500 different file types and extensions currently in use to help you find the right program in which to open the file.

    Theme Randomizer: Cycle through your Plus Themes using this random selection tool. You can set the options for what interval to change the themes, or what theme to start with. It will then sit quietly in your system tray where you can change its options with a right click.


    FILEWORLD'S Top Ten Internet Tools

    1. MTU-Speed: Change settings in your Windows 95 Registry that affect transfer and throughput speeds.,1458,5255,00.html

    2. GetRight Download Utility: Extend your Web browser's built-in download features with this tool for graceful error recovery.,1458,3805,00.html

    3. Speed Surfer: This Web accelerator preloads links from pages you browse so that they appear to pop up amost instantly when you click them.,1458,1227,00.html

    4. PPP Boost: Make changes to specific Registry settings that affect your Internet transfer speeds.,1458,5254,00.html

    5. Jackhammer: This program keeps trying busy Web sites or FTP servers until it gains access, and then opens a new browser window or downloads the file.,1458,3431,00.html

    6. Cache Compactor: With this utility, you can easily keep a cluttered hard drive down to a manageable size.,1458,4708,00.html

    7. Cookie Web Kit: This simple batch file and PIF file combination helps eliminate potential security threats to your local machine.,1458,4657,00.html

    8. 4th Dimension Time Synchronization: Sets your PC's time to within 50ms of actual time by using the Internet SNTP or Time protocol.,1458,1856,00.html

    9. WS_FTP Pro: Upload files to FTP sites or download files to your local system, using the familiar Explorer interface.,1458,39,00.html

    10. Stay Connected!: A utility that works to maintain your Internet connection.,1458,1495,00.html


    FILEWORLD'S Top Ten Security Tools

    1. Revelation: Reveal your asterisk-displayed password if you've forgotten it.

    2. 007 for Windows 95/NT: Prevent spying eyes opening or viewing your sensitive documents.

    3. WinU: Add secure access to your comptuers.

    4. Mutilate: Complete destroy files, and prevent them from being undeleted.

    5. Metz Lock: Prevent unauthorized access to your compter, and password protect files.

    6. WinShield: Shield your computer from unauthorized use or access.

    7. Password Memorizer: Keep all your passwords in one place, and protect your password vault to boot.

    8. Norton Safe on the Web: Protect your PC from invasion via the Internet and possible Internet data snooping.

    9. Outta Sight: Hide any active window, taskbar item, or system tray icon.

    10. Coded Drag: Encrypt your files with a simple Windows Explorer right-click action.



    1. File Fission Wizard: Split large files into any number of smaller parts to fit onto floppies or e-mail attachments.

    2. Print Directory: This utility is a little rough, but if you need to print out the contents of any directory on any drive, it's essential.

    3. Pretty Good Privacy: Encrypt your e-mail messages and protect them from unauthorized readers.

    4. MacroMania: MacroMania automates anything you do at the keyboard, and is a great time saver for repetitive tasks.

    5. First Aid 97: This 30-day trial software includes such features from the commercial product as continuous protection against crashes, hard-disk failures, freezes, and more. NOTE: Only for American versions of Windows 95.6. VB40032.dll This is the runtime library for Visual Basic 32-bit applications.

    7. DirectX: This is the latest multimedia driver from Microsoft. Version 5 of DirectX is essential for the next generation of multimedia and 3-D games.

    8. Revival: This utility can recover files from a hard drive that has been destroyed by a virus or accidentally formatted, even when all the information in the partition table, the boot sector, the FAT, and the root directory has been lost.

    9. Quicktime for Windows 95/NT: The multimedia player for the Web.

    10. Acrobat Reader For Windows: View documents in their original form, independent of computer platform.



    1. Animals: Make your documents come alive with color PCX images of fish, birds, reptiles, and exotic mammals.

    2. Samples: This bundle includes 100 images from the Art Explosion line, all in .wmf format.

    3. People: 30 color PCXes of people at work and play, including artists, babies, cleaning crews, florists, and more.

    4. Thank You: Say "thank you" in 25 languages.

    5. Sprite Library: Lively up all kinds of multimedia with more than 700 royalty-free sprite graphics.

    6. Carnegie Mellon: Contains 612 GIF images collected by the English Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

    7. World Maps: BMP line drawings of the earth from numerous perspectives.

    8. Color Bits PCX Clips: Stylized illustrations of subjects ranging from plants and fish to office supplies. Contains 95 .pcx images in 23 different categories.

    9. Artpals for Children: Full of art kids will love, including people, objects, holidays, history, and animals.

    10. Zodiac: What's your sign? Add it to your documents for a personal touch.



    1. Cool Edit 32: Mix sounds like an audio pro with this wildly popular editor and special-effects program.

    2. WinSpeech: A full-featured text-to-speech application.

    3. Mellosoftron II: Squeeze an entire sound studio into your PC.

    4. SonoWave: Now watching sounds can be as much fun as listening to them.

    5. MIDInight Express II: Play and edit MIDI files with this real-time MIDI jukebox.

    6. CD Extreme: Pop an audio CD into your CD-ROM drive, crank up the volume, and fiddle with the controls.

    7. Sound Gadget Pro: Edit sounds of all kinds with this jack-of-all-trades utility.

    8. DigiTrakker: If your DOS PC is equipped with a sound card, this program will let you edit and play sounds on.

    9. Sonic Screwdriver: Apply lots of striking special effects to your .WAV format files.

    10. Blaster Master: Now DOS users can have a blast recording and editing sound files.


    PC WORLD ONLINE'S Top Ten Sound Tools

    1. WinSpeech: Convert text to spoken words and adjust speech output

    2. CD Copy: Copy sound tracks to your hard drive in many formats

    3. RealPlayer: Listen to live stereo music, radio broadcasts, and other audio offerings on the Web

    4. MusicGenie: Download and play any MIDI files on the Web

    5. CD Streamer: Copy CD audio tracks to a virtual jukebox on your PC

    6. SonoWave: Learn about sound wave files while you play them

    7. WAVE-to: Full-featured audio editor helps you work with WAVE and MIDI files

    8. CD Audio Recorder: Record WAV sounds from your audio CDs

    9. CD Extreme: Play audio CDs into your PC's CD drive and crank up the tunes

    10. Cool Edit 96: Add pizazz to your sound effects and music clips



    1. Microsoft Word 97 Viewer: This file-viewer makes Word files readable by other word processors.

    2. Office Toys for Word 97: Expand your word-processing horizons with utilities and add-ons for Word.

    3. Business Card Creator: Quickly lay out and format business cards.

    4. CyberSpell: Catch embarrassing spelling mistakes in e-mail before sending it.

    5. Wordware 97 for Word for Windows: You can pump up Word 97 with these macros, templates, and extras.

    6. Word 97 Document Converter: Move files back and forth between different Word versions.

    7. SuperFax for Word for Windows: Make faxing from Word easy and quick.

    8. DoublePage Macro for Microsoft Word for Windows: This macro saves a lot of steps in creating an efficient format.

    9. WOPR 95 Plus Pak: File-management, macro helpers, and more come in this package.

    10. Internet Assistant for Word 7.0: Microsoft tries to simplify converting files to HTML format.



    1. Easter Bunny: Let bunnies multiply all over your computer.

    2. On Maui: Travel to a place where it's always the luscious height of spring time.

    3. Sierra Diving Adventure: Enjoy the company of fish in this 3-D simulation of an undersea environment.

    4. Amazing Lakes: Join the eagles as they glide and hunt high above beautiful lakes.

    5. Amazing Seasons: Experience the changes our Home Page goes through as it revolves around the sun.

    6. Aquarium: Are you looking at a computer monitor--or a tank full of gamboling fish?

    7. Incredible Morning: Watch as the sun rises over a variety of landscapes on your monitor.

    8. Incredible Sun: Ships sail along with a flock of happy seagulls under a beautiful sun.

    9. Applet Button Factory: Design java buttons for HTML pages without knowing a stitch of Java or HTML

    10. Amazing Rivers: Squat down by the banks of the river and let its endless flow soothe you.


    FILEWORLD'S Top Ten Desktop Themes

    1. Coral Desktop Theme: Windows 95 Plus Pack desktop theme features angelfish, shells, crabs, and more.

    2. Looney Tunes Theme: Popular desktop theme set based on the Looney Tunes characters.

    3. X Files Desktop Theme: Desktop theme based on the wildly popular television program, The X Files.

    4. Simpsons Desktop Theme: Desktop theme based on the popular television program, The Simpsons.

    5. Jurassic Park Desktop Theme: Suddenly it's 70 million years ago on your desktop.

    6. Mountains Desktop Theme: Take a hike through the mountains with this imaginative desktop theme.

    7. Star Trek First Contact Desktop Theme: Trekkies: Here's a First Contact desktop theme from Star Trek.

    8. Alien 4 Desktop Theme: Desktop theme based on the art of H.R. Giger for the Alien movie series.

    9. Monty Python Desktop Theme: Pythonize your desktop according to the Ministry of Silly Windows.

    10. Star Trek VI Desktop Theme: Screen saver and desktop theme based on the movie Star Trek VI.


    Various PC World Online links

    1. More Properties: Easily change Windows Explorer properties and Startup options

    2. WinSettings 97: Change your wallpaper settings, startup/shutdown screens, and desktop shell icons

    3. PopOpen: Make your program windows spring to action like its MacOS and OS/2 counterparts

    4. AnyFolder: Assign any icon to any file folder on your system and customize icons

    5. Bar Eyes: A pair of eyes follow wherever your cursor goes, and they can even wink if you want them to

    6. Horas World Clock: View clocks for multiple time zones

    7. Hot Corners: Lets you launch your screen saver by putting your cursor in a designated corner of the screen

    8. Alarm++ for Windows: Set multiple alarms that can display message boxes, play sounds, run applications, open folders or Web sites, or send e-mail

    9. Directory Snoop: Displays erased filenames from your system and purges filenames left behind after deleting files

    10. NoteMaid: Opens larger text files than Windows Notepad can, and edits files in hex mode


    FileWorld's Top 6 Education (and Entertainment) Shareware for Kids

    1. Big Math Attack: Arcade-style but educational game.

    2. Artpals - Children's Clip Art: Includes People, Things, Holiday, History, and Animals.

    3. Christmas Tree: Just the pastime for kids who can't wait until next Christmas rolls around.

    4. Daisy's Garden 2: Nonviolent suspense and action game for kids.

    5. Finders Keepers: Memory game for kids.

    6. Hangman: Classic hangman designed to improve grade schoolers' vocabulary.


    FILEWORLD'S Top Ten Toolbars and Program Launchers

    1. Wintility: Organize, file, view, find, and launch documents from one program.

    2. Toolman's Toolbelt: Change most of your Windows Desktop features with this toolkit.

    3. Flying Toolbars: Toggle from normal to full screen in Netscape Navigator.

    4. WinX32: Automate all kinds of tasks in Windows 95 using shortcuts.

    5. InterLeap: Place an accessible URL box in your Windows 95 system tray.

    6. LaunchPad: Schedule tasks and even run events in unattended mode.

    7. Mouse Launch It: Program your mouse to launch any application you want.

    8. Qfolder 95: Access files, programs, and folders from the taskbar.

    9. TurboLaunch: Access and run all your favorite programs from one toolbar.

    10. WinGo: Create custom menus to quickly locate files on your computer.


    FileWorld's 6 Most Popular Video Clips

    1. Ugachaka (.AVI): A cute AVI file of a baby dancing to a popular 70s tune.

    2. Man to Woman Morph (.AVI): An AVI file of (you got it) a man morphing into a woman.

    3. Lightning Ball Video (.AVI): A lightning ball blasts out at you from a dark void.

    4. View of Earth from Space: Cosmic.

    5. OOBE!!: This 320-by-240 full-motion cartoon includes music and a voice-over.

    6. Star Wars (.AVI): A Millenium Falcon flying toward the death star.

    7. 3D Animated Jets (.AVI): Jets: The Movie.


    FILEWORLD's Top Ten Summer Fun Toys

    1. Neko: Let a little white cat to chasing a mouse cursor around your desktop.

    2. Win Errors: Prank Windows 95 program creates fake error messages.

    3. Ize: Animated eyes on the desktop follow the mouse pointer wherever it goes.

    4. Happy Fred: Lighten your daily load with a little humor stumbling across your desktop.

    5. Kilroy: Let Kilroy drive you nuts from your system tray.

    6. Heart Attack: Give someone a heart attack with this harmless "system info" utility.

    7. Wobble: Makes your Windows 95 screen shimmer and shake like jello.

    8. Telepath: Amaze your friends with your computer's telepathic abilities.

    9. Screamer: Password protection, a screen saver, and a joke program all in one.

    10. Bad Day: Turn someone's display upside down.


    FILEWORLD'S Top Ten Presentation and Design Tools

    1. Business Card Designer Plus: Create professional-looking business cards.

    2. Labels, Cards & More: Print labels, cards, envelopes, and other odd-size documents on any printer.

    3. ActiveOffice: Turn ordinary text and numbers into graphics in Office documents.

    4. OfficeArt AutoShapes for Office 97: Adds adjustable shapes to common Office documents.

    5. Avery LabelPro Demo: Have your applications print to any kind of Avery label.

    6. Presentation Builder: Quickly turn your Word 97 documents into PowerPoint presentations.

    7. ThingMaker: Spice up your presentations for the Web with animation and interactivity.

    8. PowerPoint Animation Player/Publisher: Create animated presentations or convert existing animations to Web pages.

    9. PowerPoint Internet Assistant: Turn your Microsoft PowerPoint files into complete Web pages.

    10. Envelope Printer: Print address and return address on standard envelopes.


    FILEWORLD'S Top Ten Graphics and Drawing Tools

    1. Paint Shop Pro: Paint, draw, convert, edit, and doodle with this widely-popular graphics program.

    2. Microsoft Draw 98: Enables the OfficeArt drawing tools for OLE-compliant applications.

    3. The Graphics Factory: Create textures, backgrounds, designs, patterns, and more with this drawing tool.

    4. Vue d'Esprit: Create realistic pictures of any landscape you can imagine.

    5. DeltaCad: Easy CAD program creates plans for houses and decks, as well as forms, signs, labels, and more.

    6. WebPainter: Web animation and GIF design tool helps you add pizazz to your web pages.

    7. DrawPlus: Powerful design program includes TrueType fonts and color clipart to enhance your images.

    8. SmartDraw 95: Draw great-looking diagrams, organizational charts, network diagrams, and more.

    9. Automata for Art: Graphics software helps you create bitmap images using graphical properties of cellular automata.

    10. PC-Draft-CAD: Power rafting and design program includes automatic dimensioning, unlimited layers, object libraries, and more.


    FILEWORLD'S Top Ten Bookmark Accessories

    1. WebTabs: This sophisticated bookmark manager helps you keep tabs on your favorite sites.

    2. QuikLink Explorer: Replace your browser's bookmark feature with this complete information manager.

    3. Bookmark Converter: Convert bookmarks in both directions between Explorer and Navigator.

    4. Compass: Organize your Explorer or Navigator bookmarks to find your way on the Net.

    5. WebQuick: Automatically track your last 200 Net visits and manage your bookmarks, too.

    6. Net Buddy: Get an automatic notification whenever your favorite Web pages have been updated.

    7. WebMaster Address Book: Keep all your URLs and e-mail addresses in one place.

    8. WebAgent & Super Bookmarks: Offline Web browser and bookmark manager lets you organize your favorite sites.

    9. URL Manager: Utility lets you organize and categorize your frequently visited sites.

    10. Powermarks: Bookmark manager and organizer for Windows 95 and NT.


    FileWorld's Top 6 Trekkie Toys

    Holodeck Screen Saver:,1458,3451,00.html

    Star Trek First Contact Desktop Theme: Trekkies take heed.,1458,3095,00.html

    Star Trek VI Desktop Theme: Screen saver and desktop theme based on the movie Star Trek VI,1458,3150,00.html

    Star Trek Wallpaper: Desktop wallpaper based on the original 1960s TVshow.,1458,1608,00.html

    Star Trek: The Next Generation Desktop Theme,1458,3149,00.html

    Strek111: Arcade game,1458,2057,00.html


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