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Popular Microsoft LInks
  • Windows Sysinternals
  • Microsoft Support Knowledge Base Search
  • Microsoft Script Center: (Everything you need for Windows scripting)
  • TechNet Tech Centers - Products and Technologies
  • WMI and VBS Scripting
  • Microsoft Script Center: (Everything you need for Windows scripting)
  • Microsoft's Script-o-Matic tool: (automates enumeration of WMI class)
  • Also has WMI scripting engine and includes support for VBScript syntax coloring and class expansion
  • MCPMag Scripting Column:  MCPmag's Chris Brooke writes a monthly scripting column.
  • CIM Studio, part of the WMI Tools bundle, includes a WMI Object Browser and WMI Event Viewer.
  • Java, ASP, HTML, and More
  • The Java Boutique Free Java Applets, Games, Programming Tutorials, and Download
  • Matt's Script Archive
  • Active State Progamming (ActivePerl, ActivePython, etc.)
  • - ASP+ Tutorials, Lists and Info
  • EarthWeb Javascripts
  • Time and
  • Anthony's HTML 4+ Tutorial
  • Frames in HTML Documents
  • LearnASP
  • Adding Date/Time to your web page (from LearnASP)
  • The XML Cover Pages
  • DetroitNet
    DetroitNET is sponsored and supported by IT Professionals like YOU!  If you are an IT Professional in the Metro-Detroit area, then you need to check out this organization.  This organization is dedicated to bringing together IT people throughout the Detroit area in a socially relaxed atmosphere that promotes technology growth, rather than advertising.
    Technical Articles
    MCPMag put out a good collection of Feature articles. More articles featuring the latest in tech news from the experts in the industry are located in my Public Folders.
  • Take Control of Your Network
  • Take Control of Your Security
  • Take Control of Your Users
  • Take Control of Your Vendors
  • Take Control of Your Career
  • Embracing Windows Server 2003- Moving a Global Firm from Windows NT
  • Embracing Windows Server 2003- A Cautious, Long-term Migration
  • Embracing Windows Server 2003- Moving 30 Remote Sites Running Windows NT
  • General Techie Links
    Advertisements for some cool sites
    ExtremeTech Check out this new site from Ziff Davis Internet and PC Magazine, built for people who want to know more about technology.  This site rocks!
    Welcome to Slashdot News for Nerds - Stuff that matters!  This is cool site for developers, admins, engineers, hobbyists, etc.
    Shields UP! quickly checks the SECURITY of YOUR computer's connection to the Internet.  Hosted by Gibson Research Corporation.
    OptOut Logo Web site and software designed to protect Internet users from unwelcome Spyware. 

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