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Summer 2006

OK, this is the year for change at the Thode home.  Well, at least some things have changed.   Read about the personal stuff below.  As for the family, aside from both Shanan and I finishing our degrees and getting new jobs, we also took our first cruise.  We went on a Western Caribbean Cruise this summer on Royal Caribbean's Freedom Of The Seas.  Wow!  What a great ship and what a fantastic vacation.  We are definitely doing this again next year!  You can see pictures from the vacation in the Photos section of the web site.

Steven -- I completed degree and graduated with honors early this year.  Nice to be done with that.  Shortly after completing my degree, I joined EDS.  Yes, I joined EDS.  Even I didn't see that one coming a year ago.  Everything aligned perfectly, the relationship was great, and job was perfect, so I had to say yes.  I am very happy in my new job as Chief Infrastructure Architect on the GM Manufacturing & Quality account.  I am also looking forward to starting work on my next degree in the fall - hopefully.  Lastly, yes, I am still teaching.  I really cannot give that up as it is where a big part of my passion is.  However, I expect to slow down again while working on my masters.

Shanan --Shanan finished her nursing degree and graduated with honors in May!  She passed the NCLEX and is now a Registered Nurse (RN).  She now works at Beaumont Royal Oak.  Although the drive is a little more than we wanted, she really likes the hospital and loves her job.    

The kids -- Steven completed middle school on the honor roll.  He start High School in the fall.  Can you believe that!  He is excited about it, but also nervous.  Krystal had a couple of rough spots in school this year, but came through it very nicely.  She is excited about fifth grade - especially getting into the next level of math.  She is really starting to get interested in math along with her reading, which she still loves to do.  Krystal is also doing very well with her figure skating.  She has been doing this for about a year and a half now and is now in Onyx's Edge 3 (Level 8 or 9, I think).  After that it is private lessons.  Personally, I'll be happy if she stays at Edge 3 for just a little while longer.  She also had her first ice show early this year. 

Summer 2005

Steven -- Civilian life is treating me well so far, but I must say that I still miss the Navy.  I am currently a Network/Systems Architect for GM Powertrain Global Manufacturing & Quality.  In the evenings, you can find me teaching MCSE/MCSA 2003 and other courses and workshops around town at Schools like Schoolcraft College and OCC.  I am no longer affiliated with Knowledge Alliance as the Detroit branch has closed. While I'm not teaching, I do some freelance technical writing for Sybex and other technical publishers.  In addition, I'm also working on my own degree at University of Phoenix, which I hope to complete in 2005.

Shanan --Shanan finally quit retail.  Wait...that was quite a while ago.  In fact, she quit her vocation as an orthodontist's assistant at the end of 2002 and has returned to school. In 2004, she was accepted to the Nursing program at OCC and started the program in September.  She plans to complete the Nursing program in 2006.   

The kids -- Another school year gone by.  Steven is now an eighth grader!  His favorite past times are playing sports, building things with Legos, doing puzzles, and playing video games.  It's nice to finally have a yard big enough for him to actually have some fun in.  Krystal is fourth grader now and continues to be excited about school in general.  She is current in Brownies and loves to read.

Summer 2004

For those of you who don't know that we have moved back to Michigan, you are way behind the curve.  In fact, if you think we still live in West Bloomfield, you still behind.  We bought a home in Lake Orion and are now up there.  Yes, we finally decided on a home.  You can see the pictures by clicking on The New Home link in the photos.


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