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Wanny hear some of my stuff?  Just some goofing around with midi and multi-track recording.
Steve Vai - Juice (4.33Mb MP3) WARNING - This one starts off loud and stays loud. Not an easy one here, and still not quite right, but close enough to have some fun with it. Done with the Digitech GNX3 and a midi library. Some slight EQ tweaking post-recording. Other than that it is as-recorded.
Joe Satriani - Always (3.2Mb WMA) What guitarist doesn't love this one?  A very modest attempt at Always With Me, Always With You by Joe Satriani from the Surfing With The Alien CD.  No post-recording effects here, though they are probably needed. 
Yngwie-Overture 1383 (3Mb WMA) Again, all MIDI in the background with me on lead.  This is a mixdown of the two.  It is my modest attempt at Yngwie's Overture 1383 from the 1985 Marching Out release.
Bach-Air (4.1Mb WMA) Got the idea for this one from Yngwie.  He plays the first few bars of this as an acoustic intro to Black Star on the Trail By Fire CD, and then does something more like this on the Attack!! CD.  Again, all MIDI in the background with me on lead.  This is a mixdown of the two.  Have some interesting things going on with the MIDI here that I still need to work out.  Also started to use some post-recording effects in mixdown.
LTE-Paradigm Shift (3.7Mb WMA) This song is called Paradigm Shift from Liquid Tension Experiment, a project by some of the members of Dream Theater.  Everything is MIDI except the guitar.  This was kind of an experiment for me from some years back.  It's a single stereo track live recording of the MIDI stuff with my guitar streamed in real time through a PC.  Needs a little work, but haven't had the time to get around to doing a better job.  Also can't remix at this point since it is all one track. 
Here are some of my musical influences.
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